Copper Canyon (Mexico) July 2001

[This is the annotated photo album of Doug and Cessna Kaye's one-week trip to Mexico's Copper Canyon area in July 2001. All of the pictures were taken with a Sony DSC-S70 3.3 megapixel digital camera. Due to memory restrictions the images were recorded at only one megapixel, 1280x960. The originals look great, and I wish I could post them here, but the image files are each 500kb, and it would take forever to download them even if they were compressed. As you'll see, it's slow enough as is. The images here are a maximum of 480x360, or about one eighth of the original image area. Furthermore, they have been compressed using JPEG to 10% of the original file size with the commensurate loss of sharpness.]

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I've also created a simple web site containing photos of the other pilots and passengers at It's probably of interest only to those that were on the trip.

The trip was organized by Jack McCormick of the Baja Bush Pilots.

Please visit the Tarahumara Children's Hospital Fund web site. The site is advertising-sponsored, and the proceeds go to the clinic.

This web site consists of 13 pages and 85 images. If you don't have the patience to view the whole thing, you might want to skip to the last page and read about the excitement of the final 36 hours.


In July, 2001, we flew our Bonanza A36 to El Fuerte, in the state of Sinaloa, Mexico, where we joined another 25 people (14 airplanes, all told) on an exciting adventure through the Sierra Madre mountains and the Copper Canyon.

We entered Mexico at Ciudad Obregón, a city in northwest Mexico, southeast of Hermosillo. It's a trade and processing center in an agricultural region. Population: 165,572. After fuel, landing fees, "airplane" fees, customs, immigration, and filing a flight plan, we took off again for the 30-minute flight to the tiny airport at El Fuerte. It was hot -- about 115 degrees. Note the letters "EFR" (the identifier for El Fuerte) on the roof of the terminal.


We took a local taxi (US$5 per person) into town and found the Hotel Posada Hidalgo, although without the taxi driver, you'd never recognize it as a place to stay.


In fact, the Hotel Posada Hidalgo is very pretty with shady walkways and corridors. We only ate one meal there, but it was quite good. And (most importantly) the hotel has air-conditioned rooms.


As the various pilots and passengers arrived throughout the afternoon (we were among the last), we gathered around the bar. The highlights that afternoon were the superb margaritas and a swimming pool that seemed at that moment like the best in the known universe.


Around 7pm, when the termperatures began to drop through 100 degrees, we walked three blocks to a local restaurant for dinner.


That's us on the left with Bob and Iris from Eugene, Oregon, who flew in their Cessna T206. (Click here to see more of the folks who joined us on this adventure.)


El Fuerte (the Fort) was founded in 1564 to protect the Spanish conquistadors from the native Zuaque and Tehueco indians. In 1824, El Fuerte became the capital of the Mexican state of Sinaloa. It's a small town of only 30,000 people. Downtown is an area of about five square blocks. After dinner we strolled through the beautiful center-of-town plaza..


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