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Gillmor Gang, The Blog Edition We've just launched a blog authored by The Gillmor Gang. Look for some very interesting posts to appear there.
Posted Tuesday, July 20, 2004 7:06:41 PM   

Jonathan Schwartz from Supernova 2004 (Sneak preview for my blog readers. This program goes live on IT Conversations on Friday.) Decentralization is key to Sun's success. (Remember "The network is the computer?") And, no surprise, it's not all about the desktop. 100 million desktops were sold last year, but one billion wireless devices, and Jonathan says that market is all about Java. In this keynote from Supernova 2004, Jonathan also discusses "free" software. Linux? It's not free when Red Hat is $2,000 per server, he says. (If you missed it, Sun announced plans to open-source Solaris.)

Read or listen to this keynote from our Supernova 2004 series. And don't miss the lively Q&A with questions from Marc Canter, Chris Allen, Amy Wohl, and Bob Frankston. [Audio and transcript available.]
Posted Thursday, July 15, 2004 12:03:03 AM   

Always On: Online Always On is streaming live audio/video in Real and Windows Media formats. Very well done. High cuality and good production.
Posted Wednesday, July 14, 2004 4:45:16 PM   

John Robb's Intelligent Defense John is producing a virtual-conference series "dedicated to a deeper understanding of next generation terrorism and what we can do to defend ourselves against it." I'll be broadcasting his interviews live (and on-demand) on IT Conversations.

The first program is on "Analyzing Terrorist Networks." John's guest will be Valdis Krebs. A first for IT Conversations, we will host live telephone call-ins for this show.
Posted Saturday, July 10, 2004 5:05:12 PM   

Ray Ozzie (Supernova 2004) First as the creator of Notes and now as CEO of Groove Networks, Ray has been trying to change work through communications tools for 20 years. In this presentation recorded at Supernova 2004, Ray discusses recent experience using Groove in a truly distributed enviornment: support of humanitarian operations in Iraq. Think of it: There's no IT department, no Xerox machines, everything must be secure, and oh yeah...people may be shooting at you. The inside-the-beltway folks are thinking centralization: servers, but they're not addressing the social-software realities of how people work and how they form ad-hoc relationships. Here's a clip:
Posted Saturday, July 10, 2004 3:33:15 PM   

RSS Feeds for The Gillmor Gang Just added series-specific RSS feeds (with and without enclosures) to The Gillmor Gang weekly series. I'll be adding feeds to the other IT Conversations in the next few days.
Posted Thursday, July 08, 2004 11:21:11 PM   

The Gillmor Gang Two great Gillmor Gang shows in the past week. I just posted the July 9 show with special guest Brendan Eich, chief architect, Mozilla Foundation. (Is this the start of Browser War II? Can Mozilla-based browsers corner 6% of the market by year end? And if they do, will they be targeted by the same crackers who go after IE flaws? Does the potential for "tag soup" sound like what Microsoft did to the browser market in 1996?)

And last week's show was live from JavaOne 2004 with special guest Jonathan Schwartz, new president and COO of Sun.
Posted Thursday, July 08, 2004 9:57:36 PM   

Dave, Doc & Chris I interviewed Doc, who mentioned fellow Clutetrain author, Chris Locke, in passing. Dave took offense and invoked the Golden Rule. Doc responded. Here's the clip that started the controversy:

Posted Wednesday, July 07, 2004 1:30:31 PM   

Doc Searls: DIY-IT Just posted an interview (MP3 and transcript) with Doc who explains the vision he's been speaking and writing about since early 2003: do-it-yourself IT (DIY-IT). He suggests that we view the construction industry and its vendors as a model for commodity component-based application development. He says this is a "corner of the market you're not going to see when you look at vendor sports, the supply side...Really powerful things happen when the demand side starts to supply iteself."
Posted Tuesday, June 29, 2004 10:55:06 PM   



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