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Web Services Strategies

Beyond the technology, IT strategies for implementation of Web services by Doug Kaye.

Digital ID World. The schedule for the confrence in Denver October 15-17 has been posted. It looks great, but it's one of those conferences with too many good presentations. How does one pick between a panel moderated by Esther Dyson and one by Cory Doctorow? My own panel, The Role of Identity in Web Services, is slated for 4pm on 10/16.
Posted Sunday, August 31, 2003 11:55:42 AM   

IT Conversations on 3-6 Week Hiatus for Upgrades. As many of you have observed, the quality of our telephone recordings leaves something to be desired. Over the past four months we've tried a wide variety of telephone "hybrids" (devices which isolate caller and studio audio) but with little success. We finally tracked down the problem using some fancy equipment to analyze our phone lines. We discovered that our lines suck for the same reason we can't get DSL: we're 22,000' from the central office. By the time the audio gets to our studio, we've lost about 28dB and we've picked up a whole lot of induced noise and hum. It's so bad that we've had to cancel a number of interviews after recording them. Yes, what you've heard are the good ones.

We're going to halt future recordings until we can solve the quality problem. FYI, we're pursuing two solutions. First, we've ordered digital phone service, based on IP telephony, from the local cable company, Comcast. We betting even money it will work. Our concern is that the latency and jitter of IP telephony will wreak havoc with our DSP-based hybrids. The hybrid manufacturers don't know--they've never tried it. Plan B is to use ISDN. We're more confident this will work, but it's also more expensive. Not only do the lines cost somewhat more, but the interface equipment is substantially more expensive. But if IP telephony doesn't do the trick, that's the direction we'll take.

Depending on our success--wish us luck!--we'll be back on the air with new IT Conversations by the end of September (IP telephony permitting) or by mid-October (Plan B).

Thanks for your patience and continued support.
Posted Sunday, August 31, 2003 5:06:18 AM   

Amazon Hacks. In the latest IT Conversation web-application developer and co-creator of Blogger, Paul Bausch, talks about his new book from O'Reilly in which he says Amazon.com is an application. Paul dives into Amazon.com and brings up its burried treasures. Whether you're just a frequent book buyer, author, publisher, bookseller, or just want to make a few extra dollars referring traffic to Amazon, Paul has it all.

[streamdownloaddiscuss, 2.4 mb, 11 minutes, recorded 8/27/03]
Posted Sunday, August 31, 2003 4:00:17 AM   



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