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Joe Trippi at Digital Democracy Teach-In on IT Conversations Joe Trippi, the man whose ground-breaking use of Internet-based campaigning propelled Howard Dean from obscurity to early front-runner, has just signed on as keynoter at the Digital Democracy Teach-In. Former Dean campaign manager Trippi will take Teach-In participants inside the campaign's unconventional experiment in Internet politics, and look at both victories and lessons learned. While Dean may no longer be leading the pack, the other candidates are rushing to emulate Trippi's Internet strategy--as "Wired News" declared yesterday, "Internet politics is dead. Long live Internet politics." Trippi will kick off the Teach-In Monday, February 9, in San Diego. We'll have the audio on line later that day on IT Conversations with a full transcript to follow.
Posted Tuesday, February 03, 2004 2:52:54 PM   



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